the scarlet lane
Management team


Eilise Lane

CEO & Head Brewer

From Coatsville, IN & graduate of Butler University. Eilise completed her brewing degree at the American Brewers Guild in Vermont and has trained with Ninkasi Brewing and Fort George Brewing in Oregon

Horror Persona: Bride of Frankenstein


Lea Newlin


Lea is a native of Oaklandon, IN and has a background in Veterinary Medicine and Restaurant Management. As the President of Scarlet Lane, Lea works directly with Eilise managing the day-to-day operations.

Horror Persona: Pamela Voorhees


Erin Kem

Vice President, Culinary Operations

One of Indiana's top rated chefs, Erin is a native of Muncie, IN & has lived in Scotland & France. She was trained in the French Technique of cooking. Erin has a wide range of expertise and travels the globe curating new concepts and menu designs for Scarlet Lane. Erin also hosts and operates private dinners.

Horror Persona: Annie Wilkes


Josh Hull

Vice President, Brewery Operations

From Pendleton, IN, Josh is Eilise's right-hand man and brewer, as well as, the Scarlet Lane Horror Liaison. Josh is a published author and film maker. He has a background in restaurant management and dad jokes.

Horror Persona: Sack Mask Jason


Camille Hull

Vice President, Marketing & Engagement

Cam is from Fishers, IN and a graduate of Ball State University. Cam handles Scarlet Lane's marketing, PR, events, social media and customer and team engagement.

Horror Persona: Mrs. White


Bailey Troyer


Bailey is a native of Hartford City, IN and a graduate of the Art Institute's Bakery Program. She has experience working with several local, highly rated restaurants. Bailey runs the Gastropub location's menu program and works alongside Erin Kem designing unique and delicious seasonal items.

Horror Persona: Tiffany Valentine


Nick Elliott

Brewery Operative

Nick is from Houston, TX and while he looks like he is 13, we assure you he is 21. Nick works alongside Josh and Eilise as a part of the brewery team and in-house delivery and logistics. He has a background in restaurant management.

Horror Persona: Henry Evans


Nathan Erdel

Editor-in-Chief / Online Engagement 

From Muncie, IN, Nathan comes to Scarlet Lane after living several years in Bloomington, IN. Nathan is a successful film maker and writer in the horror genre. Nathan manages the Scarlet Lane Spookeasy, an online forum and blog for all things boos and booze. You can also find Nathan hosting events and running the bar at our SoBro location

Horror Persona: Leslie Vernon