Ian Mcvay Kate Pantle

Ian Mcvay is a tattoo artist based out of Portland, Oregon at the Jaded Soul Tattoo Shop.

A long time friend to Scarlet Lane Brewing, Ian provides a unique character to each beer identity.

Kate Pantle  is based in Indiana, originally from Kansas. We Met Kate at a Horror convention and have been working with her ever sense. Kate does the Scarlet Lane mural work at our locations, menu artwork, poster artwork and lots of random other stuff. Visit every location and you will see Kate's tastefully dark work. Visit KATE's INSTAGRAM HERE

Ian signing autographs at HorrorHound Weekend

Hanging in Eugene

Ian & Eilise in Eugene, OR

HorrorHound Weekend

Ian meeting Jackie Brown


Tattoo Work


Tattoo work

Vlad Dracula

Tattoo work

Scarlet Lane Labels and Artwork

by Ian Mcvay

Vivian Red IPA

Kate Pantle's Work

Scarlet Grove
Scarlet Grove
Hidden Mural
South Broad Ripple
Eirik Bloodaxe Greeting