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The State of The Spookeasy (Fall, 2021)

Wherein yours cruelly details the Spooyeasy happenings of the last three months.

Fall is nearly upon us, the spooky season for those who live their lives without soaking themselves in horror 24/7 is approaching, and all the rest of us - the ghouls, the goblins, the party monsters - are gearing up for the best time of the year... so it felt appropriate to report in with the state of The Spookeasy... specifically, Spookeasy Wednesdays, the regular, rotating horror event that brings all the booze and boos to 46th & College, home of our SoBro Taphouse, every Wednesday night.

Spookeasy Wednesdays started in July, and, since that date, we've hosted film screenings, binged horror television series, celebrated Indiana's own Sammy Terry with viewing parties, and, of course, haunted you brains with horror trivia. Our film screenings have included 90's slashers, 80's cowboy vampires, and a certain indie horror flick that celebrates the nostalgia that horror haunts in all of our horrid hearts. Our television binges have, so far, included a late 80's offering not available to much of the general public, and recently featured one of the BBC's best horror-comedy programs of all time. Sammy Terry, Scarlet Lane's best bloody buddy and Indiana's favorite son, has been featured in our viewing parties, with a certain dungeon dweller chiming in with stories and scares from behind the screams (hey, that's me). Last, but certainly not least, our horror trivia has proven to be the crown jewel of The Spookeasy, with crowds new and old ready to be challenged with all of the fearful facts my broken little brain can throw at you. The Slaughtered Lambs (named for the tavern in John Landis's masterpiece An American Werewolf In London) are the current reigning champs, but even the mightiest monsters may fall, so, if you're feeling your monstrous mettle, swing by and see if you can dethrone the champs!

All of this leads me to October, the best month of the year, to give you ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties a peak at what you can expect every Wednesday night in October at Scarlet Lane SoBro. Every Wednesday night in October will be a Halloween Spookeasy, meaning even more tricks-and-treats are in store for you, and costumes are ABSOLUTELY ENCOURAGED all month long! We'll have special treats for those who come in costume, so brush off your finest mortuary linens and come celebrate Samhain with your favorite SoBro monsters.

A breakdown of the month looks like this:

6 October -- MOVIE NIGHT -- we'll start the month with a flick that will make it feel like the 31st all month long...

13 October -- HALLOWEEN HORROR TRIVIA -- the Halloween franchise, Halloween movies, and general Halloween trivia will all be featured to trick or treat your blasphemous little brains...

20 October -- TV TERRORS -- grab your costumes and your candy candy candy candy candy, 'cause we're taking a blast to the past to celebrate all your favorite Halloween specials...

27 October -- SAMMY TERRY MOVIE NIGHT -- come celebrate the last week in October with Indiana's master of scareamonies...

More details will be revealed via social media, so be sure to follow The Spookeasy and Scarlet Lane SoBro (as well as Scarlet Lane Brewery) on Facebook. And, coming up next week at The Spookeasy Sammy Terry night, we'll have a very special guest -- visual artist and monster maker Scott Blake will join us to reveal the secrets behind the scares, and discuss designing the official Sammy Terry Halloween Mask, creating the violent visage of Ghoulsby (hey, that's me, again!), and designing the masterfully macabre tap handles that dispense the Sammy Terry Kölsch Beer at all of our Scarlet Lane Taphouse locations... so don't miss it!!!

Also of terrible import, we'll be debuting The Spookeasy Participation VIP Card, a membership card of sorts that will get loaded with cash for attendance and horror trivia winnings. The only way to snag one of these crypt-soaked cards is attending Spookeasy Wednesdays, so come and hang out with me and my fiends. It's the scariest hangout in SoBro, and we're waiting for you!

Lastly, Scarlet Lane and I want to thank all of you who've attended and supported Spookeasy Wednesdays over the past few months, and those of you who are chomping at the bit to attend future frightful fun. The Spookeasy is, first and foremost, a horror hangout for YOU, our loyal legions, to have a fun, safe, and spooky place to celebrate all the fun the horror genre has to offer, and give you a chance to enjoy some of the best spooky beers and terrifyingly tasty treats that Head Brewer Eilise Lane and Chef Erin Kem can offer. It's fall, so come enjoy a pint of Katrina, our cinnamon and brown sugar brown ale, or, of course, a frighteningly refreshing Sammy Terry Kölsch, and stave off hunger with the best bánh mì sandwiches and steamed buns in SoBro! It's my absolute pleasure to work with these two masters, as well as the rest of our spooky staff, to bring you a little slice of the macabre each Wednesday.

And, if you've yet to join us, what are you waiting for? There's always room for one more...

Stay spooky, fiends.

Nathan Erdel

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