• Rick Burkhardt

Reviving a Rare Beer - The Australian Sparkling

There are some beer styles that defy their particular names. Barleywine for instance, has nothing to do with, as its name suggests, fermented grapes. Pumpkin beers aren’t, well… that’s for another discussion. And if you knew that an Australian Sparkling Ale was in no way related to champagne, then you’re smarter than me. You should take no great reward in that.

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company in McCordsville has jumped straight out of the box with their newest seasonal release, Laughing Water Australian Sparkling Ale, and after folks become acquainted with this style, they may clamor for more. Having a unique identity, Laughing Water comes out at a perfect time of year.

Sparkling Ale (key word here is ale) is considered the classic beer style of Australia, a style not very well known in America and which also lends itself to some confusion. The style was first introduced in 1862 by Coopers Brewing as kind of a lighter pale ale, and was Australia’s most popular style until lagers played the heavy and pushed them aside.