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Indie Film Support Project Launched

McCordsville, IN – We are excited to launch the Scarlet Lane Brewing Indie Film Project to support in-development film projects by independent moviemakers. The Indie Film Project will have a website where filmmakers can submit requests for the brewery’s support to make their film a reality. Similar to our donation request form, the indie film support request page will send the necessary information for our team to make decisions on projects we feel we can support.

“Being an indie filmmaker myself, I know the amount of challenges filmmakers encounter with their projects. We not only want to support these films, we want to assist them with a variety of options including free space to use, volunteers, extras, team meeting space, beer and various other resources that the brewery can provide to help get the project off the ground. We’ll even look at providing *some* funding for the projects selected”. Says Joshua Hull, Manager & Genre Liaison.

We hope this program will grow alongside the brewery and that we can offer more and more support. “The program will start off small with limited projects selected. But we hope to grow the program as we grow.” Nick Servies, Marketing Manager. “We are all movie lovers and supporters and with Josh being a filmmaker we felt independent filmmaking was a natural fit for us and a unique way to support our local, independent filmmaking friends and help them as much as possible.”

The brewery will also incorporate its relationship with the Hamilton Town Center Goodrich Theater by offering trailer previews, premiers, movie short awards and audience participation with selected projects during the Midnight Movie Series that takes place monthly.

“Those who know us, know that we lean towards the darker side of things, but this project is open to everyone and we welcome all indie film makers to reach out and see if we can help with the project(s).” says Hull

You can find our indie film support request form on our website HERE

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