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Sammy Terry Kolsch

*editor’s note: both Scarlet Lane Brewing and Sammy Terry are my employers, and I started as fans of both before finding myself in their employ. needless to say, my bias runs vast and deep.*

In the dead of night, when the moon is high, and the ill winds blow, and the banshees cry, and the moonlight casts an unearthly glow, arise my love with tales of woe…

The Spookeasy is pleased to announce the newest creation by Scarlet Lane Brewing, one near and dear to the hearts of Hoosiers and horror fans alike: Sammy Terry Kolsch, the official beer of Indiana’s favorite son, and the world’s longest running television horror host, Sammy Terry! Designed to pair with your nightmares, Sammy Terry Kolsch balances the classic Kolsch design with a touch of dragon(fruit) flesh and Citra hops, and is the perfect drink to imbibe while enjoying a night of horror movies with your favorite fiend!

Since 1962, Sammy Terry has been bringing horrors to Hoosiers and to horror fans worldwide, and Scarlet Lane, lead by CEO/head brewer Eilise Lane, has been bringing those same horror fans “the Official Beer of Horror” since 2014, so it makes perfect sense why Scarlet Lane would be the perfect home for the official beer of Sammy Terry.

“We had a vision that our immortal Sammy Terry, spent time in Germany in the early 1600s, which happens to be when the Kolsch style was created,” states Eilise. “A horrible dragon(fruit) was terrorizing the castle and was heroically cut down by Sammy Terry. While brewing the Kolsch a bit of the flayed dragon(fruit) flesh was added to commemorate this grand moment. This beautiful light gold brew, with a touch of muted fruitiness, is crisp and easy to share a couple steins with friends.”

“Sammy Terry has been haunting Hoosier homes and bringing terrible terrors to you since 1962, and I am horribly happy to partner with Scarlet Lane Brewing to bring fans the Sammy Terry Kolsch, a dangerously delicious ale fit for the world’s longest running horror host,” says Sammy Terry. “Being the Official Beer of Horror, and being one of Indiana’s most innovative breweries, it seemed a most unnatural fit and melding of macabre minds to work with Eilise and the Scarlet Lane team in birthing this blasphemous brew.”

As per Eilise, “Scarlet Lane Brewing is the home of all things horror. We like to keep the records of horror history in our annals of beer. Each beer represents a specific character or moment in time by using hops, malts and yeast to invoke the impressions that will carry you away. Our Scarlet Lane team is full of horror enthusiasts, authors, directors and all around misfits. We are the perfect team to bring our passion of horror and beer together to create a unique and enthralling experience.”

The label for Sammy Terry Kolsch features artwork by Brad Rogers, whose studio, Paint Semetery, showcases some of the best horror and genre inspired artwork in the Midwest. “It’s an absolute joy to have someone as terrifyingly talented as Brad creating the official artwork for the Sammy Terry Kolsch,” says Sammy Terry. “Brad’s father, John, has been a Sammy Terry fan for years, and has created many different art pieces for and inspired by Sammy Terry, so it’s a horrible honor to have Brad continue in John’s footsteps, furthering their place in our nightmarish legacy.”

Sammy Terry Kolsch will be available on tap at all Scarlet Lane locations and in four-packs starting Friday, September 4th. Four-packs of the beer will also be available via Sammy Terry himself at future live appearances, starting with a limited number of pre-release four packs at his appearance as host of the Super Monster Movie Fest at The Skyline Drive-In in Shelbyville, Indiana, Friday and Saturday, August 28th and 29th, 2020.

Visit www.sammyterry.com for all things Sammy Terry, including how you can secure tickets to be part of his live studio audience for his First Friday Fright Shows, which stream live, every First Friday at 8pm EST, from the official Sammy Terry Fan Page on Facebook.

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